First public hospital in Syria to be certified ISO 9001

The hospital was certified ISO 9001 on 27/12/2016

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The Department of Laboratories is one of the important assisting department in the hospital. It provides excellent laboratory services of high quality and credibility using a range of modern automated laboratory equipment, under the supervision of a group of distinguished specialists and technicians, which contributes to provide the best results for patients inside and outside the hospital. The department consists of the following :

-Reception and secretarial : It receives patients from inside and outside the hospital and record the results of laboratory tests and archived to return to it when necessary. It also organizes various laboratory statistics, and conducts transactions with insurance companies and referrals.

-Blood collection : For outpatients, surgical and catheterization admitted patients .

-Ambulatory Laboratory : In this laboratory all ambulatory laboratory analysis is carried out 24 hours a day.

- Chemical Laboratory : In this laboratory, chemical, hormonal and serological analyzes are carried out using the latest automate devices.

- Bloody Laboratory : All blood and coagulation tests are conducted.

- Microbiology Laboratory : All bacterial and parasitic analyzes are carried out.

- Internal Blood Bank : The bank provides all unites of blood and its derivatives to patients of the hospital.

- Blood Bank Unit : The blood bank collects blood from external donors.

- Special warehouse for laboratory materials and equipment.

Some other actions taken by the laboratory are :

  • Training and qualification : The specialists of the department oversee the training and qualification of resident students for the specialty of Syrian Board and student of intermediate institutes laboratory and faculty of science.
  • Infection control : Bacterial swabs are taken from all sections of the Authority to ensure optimal sterilization and periodic laboratory tests for kitchen workers and other services.
  • Conducting studies : on many laboratory materials and equipment to complete the registration of these products at the Ministry of Health.

Statistics of Laboratories Department of the previous years

Medical staff of laboratory department :


Current position and work

Dr. Roula Farah

Laboratory physician – Laboratory Diagnostics specialist – Head of Laboratory Department – Head of Chemical Laboratory. 

Dr. Mahmoud Nehlawi

Laboratory physician – Laboratory diagnostic specialist – Head of Microbiology Laboratory.

Dr. Majdi Al Abiad

Laboratory physician – Hematologist – Head of Hematology Laboratory.

Dr. Mohammad Huheili

Laboratory physician – Laboratory Diagnostics Specialist – Head of Ambulatory Laboratory.


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