First public hospital in Syria to be certified ISO 9001

The hospital was certified ISO 9001 on 27/12/2016

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The Statistics and Planning Division performs many daily and monthly tasks in addition to a number of tasks assigned to it.

- The staff of the statistics division do a morning tour on all medical divisions to count the names of new and old admitted patients and compared with the previous day to know the movement of the patients and issue a daily statistical report and then entering the data on the computer to obtain the daily statistical report.

- Collect data from all departments of the hospital, including (divisions, outpatient, emergency, operations and medical equipment) in a special form on the first day of the month and enter the data on the computer in excel tables.

- Issuing the monthly statistical report and the Hermes report.

- Calculate special indicators and insert charts.

- Modifying the resolutions of employees within a dedicated Access program.

- Health cost calculation.

- International Classification of Diseases.

- Health Information Systems.

- Follow up the implementation of the investment plan financially.

- Send periodic reports to the Ministry of Health.

- Participation in the preparation of the investment plan and discussed in the Ministry of Finance.

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